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Exclusive Services

The Mercantile Team creates fully customizable programs that are ideal for existing and new food businesses. Our consulting services help companies run effectively and remain profitable.

Our clients include Full Service Restaurants, Gourmet Markets, CPG brands, Food Trucks, Social Media Bloggers and other Independent Restaurant Groups.

Our process starts with a free discussion about what needs to be done to help your business succeed and reach the next level of success. We will then present a proposal for you to decide what services you would like from our team. All services and consulting will be done under full confidentiality with all of our clients.

new concept consulting

Starting with an idea we will help with concept development including branding, story telling and functionality. We help with Kitchen + Bar Design including the layout and it's work flow. We can help with Equipment Selection, Vendor Management + Negotiations, Operational Strategy and Location Underwriting. We can be involved as much or as little as you would like.


Menu + Recipe Development

Whether your company is in need of a Menu + Recipe Development or just looking to redesign the current menu you have we will work closely with the management team to develop a menu that is creative, functional and profitable. We can help with Product Sourcing and Vendor Negotiations that will create a menu and recipe with strict plate costing techniques and again, the functionality of the kitchen and bar.


financial analysis

At the heart of any business, owners need a true understanding of their costs, revenues and profits. Let us work on an P+L Analysis and give you recommendations on places to save money without sacrificing any quality to run a more profitable food business. We will evaluate your COGS and come up with a strategy and forecasting plan to lead you to the next level of success. Inventory and Order Guides are some of the simplest fixes a management team can implement that will lead to a greater level of profitability.


food styling

Consumers "Eat with their Eyes" First! The food on your plates and social media not only need to taste good but they need to look good too. We will work with local vendors and work with your marketing team to showcase the best food your business has to offer. We will work with your management team on plating techniques that are easy and functional for your employees to execute but also are visually surprising to the customer.

Ready for a free evaluation and conversation with our team? Click the "Get In Touch" Button here or fill out our Contact Us Box to setup a meeting. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you and your story and figure out a plan that will lead to a greater food industry for the future.

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